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Suggestion of Events for FGFC (Anyone can suggest)

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Some suggestions for hosting FGFC Events

From time to time, people come  up with some pretty interesting ideas for our FGFC Flights — here is a short guide for planning and posting your event so others can see and participate. Follow this format, more or less, and you won’t go too far wrong.

Pick somewhere interesting to fly. In the past, we’ve flown Bali, Peru, West Coast of Canada, the Grand Canyon and several others. Try your home area: just because it’s very familiar to you and you think it’s boring, to someone who’s never been there, it might be an adventure!

Pick a starting airport, a “rest” airport (or two) and an terminating airport. Most FGFC events last approximately 3 hours. This allows pilots to opt out of a 2nd stage if they’re pressed for time, and allows a pilot to join the flight if they weren’t able to depart with the rest of the group.

Plan the route: starting airfield, waypoints, rest airport, include navaids if there are any, and the route to the terminus airport. The route can include any navaids (NDB, VOR or FIXes) found along the route, and must include the ICAO of all airports on the route.

ADVERTISE your event!! Most FGFC events are posted here: Write up a short synopsis of your flight, departure times (UTC time, though most FGFC events are Saturday evenings 00:30 UTC.) This is not written in stone, but has become the tradional Fly-In time for FGFC. If you like, you can create a map of the route on google maps to include with your forum posting. You can even, as Reeed does, create what he calls a “glossy brochure,” in which he gives a bit of history of the locales in which we fly, and some current bits of trivia about interesting places along the route. This is not completely necessary, but it does enhance the flight experience for others flying the route.

So get planning! Help make this club all it can be. We welcome your input.



  1. Looking to get a few pilots together for some ATC practice to stage a larger event in the next week or so. The ‘test’ will be 19 APR 2011 1700-1830Z or UTC. Please attend if you can looking for about 3-5 pilots to test out. Airport will be Wiesbaden Army Air Field ETOU. Hope to see you there!!

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