4> Our Committees

Our current roster of “workers,” otherwise known as “the executive.” These are the people, (so far) who make the club “go.” Help, assistance . .  . call it what you will . . .  is always welcome and appreciated. If you’d like to join our ranks, kindly fill in the spaces below and someone may be in touch. Emails are appreciated too.

President (P)

Shared Jointly by Reeed & Trennor,

(at least until someone decides to oust us. At the current rate of attrition, you’re stuck with us.)

Vice-President (VP)

Activity Manager (AM)





Volunteers for other positions gratefully accepted.

Come to the IRC channel to speak with either Reeed or Trennor about your role in the club. Please have a specific idea in mind to propose, it will make it much easier for us to decide.



  1. i’m ‘reeed’

  2. FlightGear Callsign: Thorium

    Position you are applying for:ATC

    Your experience in FlightGear flying: 3-4 Months

    Favourite Plane(s): F-35B ,Harrier ,air-crane

  3. FlightGear Callsign: Shadow1-1

    Position you are applying for: ATC/ Ground Cew/Aerial refueling

    Your experience in FlightGear flying: 3years off and on

    Favourite Plane(s): KC-130, B1900D

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