2> Confirmed Upcoming Activities


New Zealand Fly-In

JASON is hosting a fly-in and tour in New Zealand, details to be posted at a later day.Tentative schedule 14 May 11

AND . . .


Tren is in the process of putting together MAYDAY 2, tentative date: 7 May 11. Trennor has an event this week-end, and had computer glitches which prevented him from getting the information assembled and disseminated.   Watch the forums for announcements.

Sign-ups not necessary in all cases – just show up at the designated airport at the designated time, to be included. Flights are also designed so that if you miss the start time, you can often join in later: check the flight routes on the forum for rest stops where you may join in if you were not able to make the first start time. Just turn up at the 2nd airport, and join in; you will be welcomed.



  1. NEW IRC CHANNEL HOME: We’ve Been Forced to Move

    Strong rumours abound about an imminent closure of the Linuxforen IRC Net, where #fg_flying_club was first established. I have therefore moved the IRC channel to the IRC net on mpserver12.flightgear.org and the new channel is: #FlyingClub . “Evil” is hosting this net on his own server, which also hosts one of the MP Map servers as well. AJ has already moved over there, so if you cannot find us or you think the old channel is a bit quiet, come and join us in the new channel.

  2. Interesting resource for beginner pilots and perhaps an unknown tidbit or two for the old vets: have a peek and see if this might help you:



  3. Need ATC for the events I am looking for more opportunities to help the club out

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