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Questions? Comments? Feel free to say it out. Just send an E-Mail to either







We also have our own channel on the FG IRC net, “#FlyingClub” …. So don’t hesitate to contact us!!



  1. Hi Do you have flight events and if yes can you please explain your structure and how i can also join.

  2. Joining FGFC is as simple as joining in on one of the fly-ins (which, admittedly, have been in short supply lately, but they are starting to come around again.) Or coming to the IRC channel on us1.connectedserver.com , or uk1.connectedserver.com or mpserver12.flightgear.org and typing /join #FlyingClub . See the FlyingClub Wiki page: http://wiki.flightgear.org/index.php/FlightGear_Flying_Club for more info.

  3. What happened to the chat server I can’t sign in at all anymore. Help friends. facebook me thanks. Jay

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